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Complete your real estate transactions FAST and easy in Port Charlotte or Englewood, FL, with help from Florida Abstract & Security Title Corp. Our title insurance agency works closely with real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, and building contractors throughout the area. Likewise, we provide services on a one-on-one basis to each of our clients. Above all, rely on our knowledge and hard work to show you the importance of obtaining title insurance for your real estate purchase.

The Importance of Real Estate Titles

Real estate has always been known as a valuable asset for families and individuals. For that reason, laws have been enacted to protect your ownership of real estate and all improvements located on the land. Because this form of wealth is protected by a number of laws, it is considered a wise investment.

If you are purchasing real estate, it is important to note that the owner, owner’s family, and owner’s heirs have rights or claims for the property in question. Those with an interest in the property can also include governmental bodies, contractors, lenders, and other individuals and corporations. In some cases, real estate can be sold to you without your knowledge of the other parties. Most importantly, all claims remain attached to the title of the property you are buying until they are extinguished.

Determining Which Claims Exist

There are different ways to determine which claims exist on the property in question. To find the true status of a title, it is important to begin by conducting a thorough search of all public records. Our title services in Charlotte County, FL, can reveal the existence of recorded defects, unpaid taxes, and other liens against current or past owners. As a result, these matters can be accepted or resolved before your closing date.

Resolving Undiscovered Claims

In some cases, hidden risks can threaten the title to your property. Hidden risks to your property may include rights or claims that are not shown in public records. Subsequently, by obtaining title insurance, you will be protected against claims filed after you purchase your property.

Protection for Your New Property

What would happen if a claim were filed against your insured title? For your convenience, our products are designed to protect you and your new real estate purchase. In the event of a claim, insurance will defend your title, giving you a way to maintain possession of the property.

Contact us to speak with our team about your real estate transactions. The staff at Florida Abstract & Security Title, is available to assist real estate agents, lenders, attorneys, and building contractors.

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